Hiking trails

Cistercian abbots and Cistercian monks were traveling around a lot.
In the Middle Ages each abbot had to attend the General Chapter in Cîteaux once a year, he had to visitate his daughter abbeys once a year and he had to visit the granges and town mansions. The monks and lay monks made their path from the abbey to the grange and to the town mansions as well, they carried goods from abbey to abbey.

Reconstructing or rethinking this dense network of travel and trade routes we create Cistercian circuits around the abbeys and a long distance hiking trail throughout Europe.

In the current project, we let you participate in the “making of” a long-distance hiking trail that connects the Cistercian landscapes in Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland via Germany with the mother abbey Cîteaux in France.

The individual route suggestions for the respective partner countries are continuously updated (“idea of the route”).