Cistercian Way – a long distance hiking trail across Europe

 The way of the Cistercians 

The long-distance hiking trail will connect the Cistercian monastic landscapes in Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland via Germany with the mother monasteries of Cîteaux and Morimond in France.  It is developed in the course of the transnational LEADER cooperation project “Cisterscapes – Cistercian landscapes connecting Europe”.

Since the 12th century, numerous trade and travel routes  connect Cistercian monasteries in Europe. The innovative founding constitution of the Cistercians, the Carta Caritatis, stipulated both that the abbots meet annually for the General Chapter in Cîteaux and that they visit their daughter monasteries. Beyond these administrative connections, the monasteries were in spiritual and economic exchange with each other. Granges, official courts and town courts servd as waystations.

Together with our project partners as well as tourism and hiking associations, these historical connections will be brought to life again in the form of long distance hiking trails.

We would like to involve you in the designing the trail  and are looking forward to your feedback and comments.

General outline of the route:

Maulbronn – Bronnbach
Bronnbach – Ebrach
Ebrach – Klosterlangheim
Klosterlangheim – Waldsassen
(Wagrowiec-) Stettin – Loccum
Loccum – Altenberg
Altenberg – Maulbronn
Loccum – Pforta
Pforta – Klosterlangheim

Zwettl-Vissy Brod

Wagrowiec – Stettin (- Loccum)

Kostanjevica – Sticna
Sticna – Rein

Czech Republic
Velehrad – Zd’ár nad Sázavou
Zd’ár nad Sázavou – Plasy
Plasy – Waldsassen
Vyssí Brod – Plasy