Our Team in Bamberg

Cisterscapes Team
Cisterscapes team f.l.t.r.: Alwine Glanz (09/21-02/22), Thea Schellakowsky, Alexandra Baier, Dr. Rosa Karl, Patricia Logan

Since the beginning of October 2021 Astrid Seeger’s post in transnational communication has been filled by Dr. Rosa Karl. She holds a PhD in English Literature (LMU, Munich) and has also studied medieval history and archaeology. Rosa Karl has been working in the county’s education office since 2020 and is otherwise responsible for matters regarding the European Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg. She brings with her ample networking experience on municipal, regional, national and international levels.

Alwine Glanz left the team early in 2022. She has been succeeded by Sarina Khan in the function of event manager and social media editor. Sarina Khan comes to us from the Volkshochschule Bamberg Land. She has ample experience in the organisation of events and speaks numerous languages fluently, among them English and French. 

The position of project assistant and office administrator has been newly filled by Carina Schuster, as Patrizia Logan left the team this August. Prior to that, Carina Schuster has been employed in the county’s Social Welfare department since 2021.

Alexandra Baier Mag.phil
Project Manager
Tel. +49 951 85 718
Dr. Rosa Karl
Academic Assistant, Transnational Communication
Tel. +49 951 85 721
Sarina Khan
Event Management, Social Media
Tel. +49 951 85 722
Carina Schuster
Project Assistant, Administration Tel. +49 85 720
Thea Schellakowsky
Public Relations 
Tel. +49 85 210