Project 2018  “Diversity in Unity – Cistercian Monastic Landscapes in Central Europe”

The so-called cultural landscape inventories (KLI) of the six monastery landscapes on the basis of uniform monument preservation recording methods serve the comparative analysis of coinciding and diverging landscape imprints by the monasteries. The project in the framework of the European Heritage Year 2018 looked at the primary abbey of Morimond and five of its daughter monasteries. Using this line of the Order’s expansion from France to the East, the project examined the extent to which the monks were also “landscape designers”.

In the spirit of the European idea, the project made clear how many unifying elements, comparable throughout Europe, can be found in our homeland and how the monks who came from abroad adapted to the regional conditions in each case.
Exhibitions, hikes, cycle tours and guided tours encouraged people to read the traces together.
Hikes through the monastery landscape can be found here!

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