Downloads Cistercian Way

You can download maps and gpx data for our Cistercian Way here. New files are continually added.

We provide gpx-data in 2 variants:

1. (…eL)  main route of one comlplete leg (e.g. Waldsassen – Langheim) as one set of data. This data has no detours or byways included. Also no information about the marked trail used. It is the ‘pure’ route and is compatible with all tracking systems. “eL“ stands for “one line”.

2. (…multi): The section is divided into undersections according to the marked trail used. The main section Waldsassen-Langheim, for example,  consists of 5 subsegments. These data contain also byways and detours. 

Note: Not all tracking programmes can process gpx-data with several subsections. Please check and download the compatible format below.



Plasy (CZ)-Waldsassen (D) eL

Waldsassen (D)-Langheim (D) eL multi

Pforte (D)-Langheim (D) eL multi

Langheim (D)-Bamberg (D) eL multi

Bamberg (D)-Ebrach (D)eL multi

Ebrach (D)-Würzburg (D) eL multi

Würzburg (D)-Bronnbach (D) eL multi

Bronnbach (D)-Maulbronn (D) eL multi

Maulbronn (D)-Freiburg (D) eL multi

Southern Route

Rein (AU)-Heiligenkreuz (AU) eL multi

Heiligenkreuz (AU)-Zwettl (AU) eL multi
Zwettl (AU)-Vyššı Brod (CZ) eL

Maps (pdf)



Pforte-Langheim 1 & 2





Bronnbach-Maulbronn 1 & 2