On 18 April 2023, the film “Landscapes of the Cistercians – Traces in Europe” produced by David Sünderhauf, premiered at the ODEON cinema in Bamberg.

Filming took place in the German partner landscapes of Bronnbach, Ebrach, Langheim, Loccum, Maulbronn, Waldsassen and Pforte, in Rein in Austria and in Vyšší Brod (Hohenfurth) in the Czech Republic. The focus is not only on the typical features of the unspoilt cultural landscapes of the Cistercians, but also on the people who live and work here today and are thus committed to preserving the landscapes. Narrated in powerful images with many original sounds, the film is presented by the well-known New Zealand actress Megan Gay. Filmmaker David Sünderhauf created a multi-faceted portrait of the Cistercian landscapes as European cultural heritage.

The film is currently available in German.