Opening of the “Cistercian Way” hiking trail in Stična

Stična Monastery , Slowenien

In September, another stage of the European long-distance hiking trail was officially inaugurated: we spent a few varied days in the Slovenian monastery of Stična to mark the occasion! We were able to see the new landscape model in the museum and admire the Cisterscapes steles in the monastery landscape! We were also able to

Enjoyment day


We from Cisterscapes were also represented at this year's "Genusstag" in the Bamberg district!

Cistercian monastery market Koppenwind

Koppenwind Castle Rauhenebrach, Deutschland

The Cistercian monastery and farmers' market took place in the idyllic setting of Koppenwind Castle (municipality of Rauhenebrach). Countless stands offered unique works of art, handicrafts, regional products from various international monasteries and a wide range of food options. Of course, a Cisterscapes stand was a must! Many thanks to the Berthold family for their

Opening of the hiking trail “Cistercian Way” Loccum

Loccum Monastery , Deutschland

The penultimate stage of our European long-distance hiking trail was officially opened in November 2023! Of course, the new landscape model could also be admired on this occasion, and a trip to the monastery landscape was not to be missed!

Cultural trip to the Ebrach monastery landscape (tour guide: Dr. Thomas Büttner)

Ebrach monastery landscape Bavaria

The cultural tour takes you to the Ebrach monastery landscape, whose core areas were in the Mönchsgau and Mönchseigen regions and thus in the northern Steigerwald and its foothills. Ebrach Monastery, which is part of the Morimond lineage, was founded in 1127 as the first cistercian monastery on the right bank of the Rhine and

Waldsassen: Guided tour through the baroque monastery garden

Waldsassen Monastery

Discover the abbots' conception of their baroque monastery garden and explore an area of the garden that is not open to the public! With Martina Zanner, Project Manager European Heritage Label Meeting point: Fountain in the monastery courtyard

Hike: Healthy monastery cuisine with elderberries

School for village and field development Klosterlangheim Abt-Mösinger-Str. 1, Lichtenfels

Learn more about the Cistercian monastery forest and the monastery landscape as a cultural heritage site on this hike. On this occasion we collect and learn a lot about elderberries. This is followed by a joint production of delicious products made from elderflowers, followed by a tasting. The tour includes: Guided herb hike (route approx.

Hike: The Langheim Cistercians and the water

Museum of local history Klosterlangheim Abt-Mösinger-Str. 4, Lichtenfels

On a hike around Klosterlangheim, you will learn more about the Cistercians' sophisticated water system and their pond farming. At the end of the hike, participants can find out how the ponds are used today - and of course enjoy a fish tasting. The tour includes: Guided hike through the monastery landscape (approx. 3 km)

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