Kostanjevica na Krki

Photo: Galerija-Božidar

Founding date: 1234 (order number 645 according to Janauschek)
Date of dissolution: 1785
Filiation / mother monastery: Morimond-Villers / Viktring Abbey
Daughter monastery: /

The Kostanjevica na Krki monastery is nestled in the plain between the Krka River and the Žumberak Mountains. The abbey is a daughter monastery of Viktring Abbey in Carinthia, which in turn comes from the Morimond filiation via Villers-Bettnach. Cistercian viticulture was the main feature of the landscape. Today, the monastery houses a museum complex and its arcaded courtyard is one of the largest in Central Europe.

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In 1234, the Carinthian Duke Bernhard von Spanheim founded a monastery of the Cistercian order on the border of his territory in Lower Carniola, in his town of Kostanjevica na Krki. The remote location near the Gorjanci hills covered with lush forests, the proximity of the Obrh and Studena streams and the Krka river made this a suitable place for a Cistercian monastery foundation.

The new monastery was given the name Marienbrunnen and was settled by monks from the Viktring monastery in Carinthia; Kostanjevica na Krki was thus affiliated to the Morimond monastery. Throughout its history, the monastery has been closely associated with two monasteries (also partners in the Cisterscapes project); the Stična Monastery in Slovenia and the Rein Monastery in Austria. There is no historical lineage of the monastery in Kostanjevica na Krki.

In its heyday in the 17. and In the 18th century, the monastery expanded its territory and set further milestones in the wider landscape, such as the construction of the pilgrimage church, the purchase of town houses and the acquisition of estates with castles.

The Cistercian monastery landscape is well preserved, as the region has remained predominantly rural throughout its history. The landscape elements such as vineyards, monastery mill, forests and churches remained almost unchanged.

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