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The cultural tour takes you to the Ebrach monastery landscape, whose core areas were in the Mönchsgau and Mönchseigen regions and thus in the northern Steigerwald and its foothills. Ebrach Monastery, which is part of the Morimond lineage, was founded in 1127 as the first cistercian monastery on the right bank of the Rhine and grew over time to become one of the most prosperous monasteries in Franconia. It was closed in 1803 and today houses a juvenile detention center.
In addition to the early Gothic basilica in Ebrach and the pilgrimage chapel of St. Francis of Assisi. Blood in Burgwindheim, the baroque official castles and granges in the immediate and wider surroundings, fish ponds and specific hydraulic structures, traditional vineyards and the extensive mixed beech-oak forest are among the testimonies that the Cistercians have left us and which we will take a look at on our journey.

Departure 8:00 a.m. Central bus station (ZOB) Munich, Hackerbrücke
Return approx. 9 p.m. ZOB
Price per person 180,- EUR in double room
200,- EUR in single room
with bus trip, overnight stay, guided tours

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